AIBD/CFI/TVRI Entertainment TV Format Workshop

The Entertainment TV Format workshop held recently in Jakarta was focusing on how to develop creativity for TV production and how to be able to select qualified content for entertainment program.

This In-Country workshop was held at the TVRI Training Centre in Jakarta from 19 November to 23 November 2012.   The workshop was organised by AIBD with a consultant from Canal France International (CFI).

Twelve participants from TVRI National Channel and Regional Stations participated in this 5 full days workshop dedicated to Entertainment programs. During this workshop and after the theoretical part, the participant analyzed the program schedule of TVRI to define themes or missing program to work on during the second part devoted to practical exercises.

A number of French TV success and international programs were viewed to better understand what makes good entertainment program. The objective was also to understand which elements could be imported and how to integrate them in the next TVRI program creation.

The group comprised of producers, assistant programming, cameraman, video editor and they critically viewed their own programs and proposed solutions based on what they learnt.

Everybody was then impatient to begin creating. Step by step the expert described the special creation process for TV format. Then they started by studying the different kind of entertainment formats and their appropriate target audience. They understood that the best program is the one which meets the expectations of the viewers. It is the one who meets his public. Consequently it is necessary to know perfectly those to whom we speak. And it is necessary to study also the programming to have an idea of the specific audience of every time slot. It s also what they did.

The participants worked in groups of 3 to identify a special idea and based on it to invent a format. Each group went through the proposed process to make sure all the key elements of the TV program creation was followed.

At the end, the 4 groups were able to propose to the TVRI management 4 formats widely appreciated by the management and answering the need and ready to produce according to the various learnt stages.

The workshop reached its objectives by giving to the participants all the knowledge and the tools to be autonomous in creation and in production. Especially, everybody was delighted to be able to leave for their local stations with concrete elements which were going to allow them to see their daily work with another vision.

Each participant had a global approach of the entertainment programs which they were going to be able to adapt locally according to their public, to their needs and their resources. Very important also and according to their own terms: they took confidence in them and have all the keys to create.

This workshop was managed by Stéphane Bouillaud who works for TV in France for 20 years. He was successively host, artistic and creative director, executive producer, program director. He knows and practices all the stages of the TV contents from the creation to the broadcasting. He worked for public and private channel, pay and free TV for many time slots and target audiences.