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In an era of unprecedented technological development in the broadcast industry, the need for professional broadcast trainers is undoubtedly a continuous need. Arising out of this need for trained trainers, the Asia-Pacific institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) was mandated to implement Training of Trainers courses as one of the core development programmes of the Institute.

Over the years Training of Trainers workshops were organized by AIBD in a number of countries and regions where the need for standardized training materials were also found to be a pressing concern. This resulted in the first edition of the Manual for Media Trainers in 2001, as the first guide for media trainers to use systematic and standardized methods in imparting knowledge and skills to others. The subject matter made a significant contribution to the trainers for not only knowing but making use of effective techniques focused on the trainees needs to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

This second edition of the Manual for Media Trainers : A Learner Centered Approach is a combination and expansion to the training materials of AIBD’s Training Methodology and Training of Trainers and is an updated version of the two authors. It includes fresh perspectives and new concepts of the ways that learners understand and apply theories of learning. Therefore it allows potential trainers to use the manual as a guide for the organization and presentation of the content when delivering core competency development programmes.

The second edition of the Manual for Media Trainers is a noteworthy example of AIBD’s on-going contributions to improve training materials for the development of skillful broadcast trainers among the Institute’s members.

AIBD is indebted to the two authors Professor Drew McDaniel and Professor Duncan Brown, Ohio University for the content, Mrs Manil Cooray, Deputy Director of the Institute, whose consistent endeavors resulted this publication while UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty generously extended its continued support to strengthen the core capacity building development programs in particular to Central Asia and especially for the support extended for the production of this second edition of the Manual.

This publication was created by AIBD as part of UNESCO’s International Programme for Development of Communication (IPDC) project Design, Develop and Deliver Effective Competency Development Programmes for Media Practitioners in Central Asia in 2009 with the support of Mr Sergey Karpov, NPO, Communication and Information together with Ms Tarja Virtanen, former Advisor for Communication and Information at UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Yang Binyuan
Asia-Pacific institute for Broadcasting Development