Users Instructions in News and Commentary

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/30/2012 - 11:01

Mr. Ricardo Saludo, Managing Director, Center for Strategy, Enterprise & Intelligence, Philippine recommends the posting of user instructions as one media literacy measure to educate the public about the press right at the point of watching, hearing and reading news and opinion.

The form and content of such notices should be the subject of further discussion and debate, he told participants of the Asia Media Summit that began yesterday.

Speaking at the second plenary session on “ Building a Media-Literate Public,” Mr. Saludo identified some possible literacy messages such as: claims and accusations should be substantiated: Know the sources of news, and check many reports. Different perspectives enrich understanding: In conflict and controversy, hear opposing sides. Clarification and correction requests are welcome.

He said media can mislead, malign, make mistakes, and otherwise fail to deliver truth, fairness, good taste and upright values. For entertainment, there are letter ratings to restrict audiences and urge parental guidance.

“News and commentary should have their own caveat emptor as well,” he pointed out.