AMS 2012: Session 5 - Harnessing Social Media and Content Delivery

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Day 2 - Tuesday, 30th May, 1100 - 1230

Session 5: Harnessing Social Media and Content Delivery

Facebook, YouTube, and blogs, among others, have empowered more citizens to create, produce and distribute content to a wider audience. Users are increasingly conversing and engaging as a consumer, creator and producer of information. What can traditional broadcasters learn from their online counterpart? How should broadcasters prioritize acquisition and operations of web-based and mobile technologies and turn them into effective platforms for interactive dialogue? How can mobile, web, iPad and social media improve media’s sustainability in the context of development?


Dr Mike McCluskey
Chief Executive Officer, ABC Radio, Australia


Ms Sarah A. Chase
Director of International Distribution, Rural Media Group, United States
Mr An Jung Moon
Deputy Director of Contents Business Department, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Korea
Dr Claire Wardle
Director of Development & Integration, Storyful, United Kingdom
Mr Suthichai Yoon
Editor in-Chief at Nation Group, Thailand


Ms Amy Kunrojpanya
Global Communications & Public Affairs, Google Asia Pacific