AMS 2012: Session 4 - Public Service Broadcasting: A New Approach, A New Beginning



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Day 2 - Tuesday, 30th May, 0900 - 1030

Session 4: Public Service Broadcasting: A New Approach, A New  Beginning

What should the mandate of public service broadcasting (PSB) be in a fast changing media landscape? In Asia-Pacific, PSB remains at various stages of development, increasingly confronted by financial stability, editorial independence, and issues of autonomy in content creation, management, finance and administration. Is it still a viable alternative to serve the public’s needs and interests? What can management pursue to expand and sustain viewership, introduce new business models and ensure more independence in its operations? What distinctive content can PSB create, one that carries credibility with pluralistic groups and promotes cultural diversity?


Dr Javad Mottaghi
Secretary-General, Asia - Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU)



Mr Sun Wei
Controller of International Channel Shanghai, Shanghai Media
Group (SMG), China
Mr L. D. Mandloi
Director General, All India Radio (AIR), India
Lord Michael Williams
Internatinal Trustee of the BBC, United Kingdom
Ms Cathy Gogue
General Manager, PBS Guam/KGTF Channel 12, Guam


Mr Salah Eddine Maaoui
Director General, Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)
Ms Sally-Ann Wilson
Secretary-General, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA)