‘Out of the Box’ Ideas for PSB in Asia

Submitted by admin on Mon, 05/28/2012 - 10:00

Some 45 delegates from 26 countries across the globe began today a review of the needs and directions of public service broadcasting in Asia-Pacific as they participate in a seminar on ‘Creating and Enabling Environment for Public Service Broadcasting (PSB)’ in Bangkok.

The one-day seminar aims to generate ‘out of the box’ and new ideas about PSB, particularly in the digital world. Sally-Ann Wilson, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, serves as the facilitator of the seminar organized and supported by AIBD, CBA, and UNESCO.

Topics covered include discussions and debate on the concept of PSB, future needs of audiences and citizens from PSB, possibilities for PSB in Asia, editorial values and potential of digital/new media content to strengthen PSB in South Asia.

The seminar is expected to generate some guidelines and recommendations to strengthen the development of free, independent and pluralistic media in South Asia.