Confronting Ethical Issues in the Age of Social Media

Submitted by admin on Mon, 05/28/2012 - 09:57

Broadcast journalists and other media practitioners will have the opportunity to examine ethical issues confronting providers and users of online media such as internet forums, blogs and microblogs, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc. as they participate today in a workshop on “Media Ethics in the Age of Social Media “ in Bangkok.

Some of the ethical issues they will discuss include use of subterfuge and clandestine recording devices, intrusive/harassing behavior in approaching interviewees, dealing with inducements, protection of sources and entry into public property, among others.

Participants include some 33 journalists, heads of news departments, producers and academics from 19 countries in Asia Pacific. The one-day workshop is organized and supported by AIBD, FES and UNESCO.

Dr. Venkat Iyer, Barrister, Law Commissioner in Northern Ireland, and a media ethics and law expert, serves as consultant of the one-day workshop.

The workshop aims to stimulate critical thinking to avoid harming the reputation, dignity and privacy of individuals who may be the subject of broadcasts and articles in social media.

Topics will cover ethical issues impacting on the individual as a journalist, ethical issues affecting the conduct of journalism, and opportunities and challenges confronting journalistic ethics in the age of social media.