New Ideas and Strategies in the Digital World

Submitted by admin on Mon, 06/04/2012 - 16:07

Mr. Yang Binyuan, Director of AIBD, calls on broadcasters in Asia-Pacific to continue seeking new ideas and concrete directions and strategies in tapping the opportunities of the digital technology. The Asia Media Summit is a good platform for this purpose, he said.

In a message to the AMS participants, he said, “as a propeller and direction provider of the society, media will have to raise the bar to create impact and better serve its business, people, environment and society.” Binyuan and the AIBD staff in Kuala Lumpur have worked for almost a year to organize the two day-Summit including seven seminars and workshops that began on 26 May 2012. They were in close cooperation with Thai PBS as the host and major sponsors in ensuring a successful Summit.

At the AMS, some 50 speakers will share their insights before some 700 participants from across the globe. In his message, Mr. Binyuan raised a few questions on how best to deal with the changing media environment. “Are we coping and adapting fast enough in harnessing new technologies and diverse content? How effective have we been in producing distinctive and attractive content for various media platforms, in adapting to the demands of journalism in a multimedia environment, and in facilitating public discussion, and opinion and decision making critical in serving the ends of development? ”

He expressed gratitude to the Thai PBS, AMS host, major sponsors and partners for their meaningful contribution to the Summit and the pre-events.