Summit Workshops on Digital Migration and TV Branding Begin



Submitted by admin on Sat, 05/26/2012 - 09:13

Two workshops, one on digital broadcasting, opportunities, business and challenges, and the other on TV branding and visual identity, start today, 26 May 2012, signaling the start of the pre-events of the Asia Media Summit in Bangkok.

AIBD lined up seven seminars and workshops as part of the Summit’s initiatives in knowledge sharing and networking among some 700 participants, mostly CEOs and presidents of state and private broadcasting companies, and senior officials of academic, development and funding institutions from Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East, United States and Europe.

From 26-28 May 2012, the workshop on digital broadcasting, opportunities, business and challenges organized by AIBD, ITU and ABU will focus on the state of digital migration in the region form a technical and regulatory perspective and ways to assist countries in implementing their migration roadmap development.

The other workshop will center on TV branding and visual identity, which will discuss the importance of the visual identity of a TV station and how a strong brand can help build brand awareness. It will also tackle the role of visual identity in creating the graphic editorial line and in the structuring of the TV programs. CFI and the French Government will conduct this three-day workshop.

On 27 May 2012, a master class on leading change in the newsroom will be organized by AIBD, EBU and CCTV.

Two seminars and two workshops will be held simultaneously on 28 May 2012. These are the AIBD/FES/UNESCO workshop on media ethics in the age of social media, the AIBD/CBA/UNESCO seminar on public service broadcasting, AIBD/UN workshop on the Millennium Development Goals and the AIBD/Broadcast Empire seminar on 3DTV content creation and technology.