AMS 2012: Parallel Session 3 - Women and Children Issues: Is Media Doing Enough?



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Day 1 - Tuesday, 29th May, 1600 - 1730

Parallel Session 3: Women and Children Issues: Is Media Doing Enough?

Violence, abuse, inequality and discrimination against millions of women and children across the globe remain a hindrance to efforts to make their life a little better. The damage to these victims is staggering, its impact a menace to development and society. Is media doing enough to address the deadly crime of violence and abuse against women and children? Is it reporting enough to deal with inequality and discrimination as well as the advancement of women in today’s society? Can social media and citizen journalism help?


Mr Mark Whitehouse
Vice President, IREX, United States



Mr Kim Dalton
Director of Television, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Chair of Freeview, Australia
Ms Mariko Saeki
Senior Manager, International Planning and Broadcasting, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Japan
Mr Alaa Nemeh
Manager, Abu Dhabi Theater & Cinema Al Cornishm Break-water, United Arab Emirates
Ms Firdoze Bulbulia
President, International Center of Film for Children and Young People (CIFEJ), and Chairperson, The Children and Broadcasting Foundation for Africa (CBFA), South Africa


Ms Cait Mc Mahon
Manager Director, Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma - Asia - Pacific, Australia
Ms Judy Tam
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Independent Television Service (ITV) and Input President, United States