AMS 2012: Parallel Session 2 - Building Sustainable ‘Small’ Radio and TV Stations

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Day 1 - Tuesday, 29th May, 1600 - 1730

Parallel Session 2: Building Sustainable ‘Small’ Radio and TV Stations

‘Small’ radio and TV stations are increasingly playing a pivotal role in informing and educating the public in many developing countries in Asia-Pacific. Given limited resources and competition, they seek ways to build and sustain their operations. Is there one-size-fits all strategy to achieve this goal? What business models and programming strategies can they pursue? Will tapping mobile and the web make a difference?


Mr John Maguire
Director, International Development of Audiovisuel Exterieur de la
France (AEF), France



Dr Ahmad Jailani bin Muhamed Yunus
Deputy Director General (Strategic), Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), Department of Broadcasting, Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, Malaysia
Mr Min Bahadur Shahi
President, Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (ACORAB),
Mr William Parkinson
Managing Director, Communications Fiji Limited (CFL), Fijie
Dr Uajit Virojtraratt
Executive Director, Foundation for Media Studies, Thailand


Mr AHM Bazlur Rahman
CEO, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communications, Bangladesh
Ms Archana Kapoor
Filmmaker and Founder of Community Radio Station Radio Mewat 90.4 FM, India
Dr Kalinga Seneviratne
Head of Research and Capacity Building, Asian Media Information
and Communication Centre (AMIC), Singapore