AMS 2012: Session 1 - Media, Development and Conflict: Can Media Make a Difference?



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Day 1 - Tuesday, 29th May, 1015 - 1130

Media, Development and Conflict: Can Media Make a Difference?

Development remains elusive for the world’s poor. Food and water scarcity, inadequate educational and employment opportunities, and limited access to health services are some urgent challenges that confront many stakeholders of development. And so are peace and security without which development is not possible. Climate change also impacts development. How can media pursue meaningful reporting to address poverty
alleviation, peace and security, access to opportunities, and wealth creation? Is community radio and television making any difference? Are there best practices that highlight media’s capacity to make a difference? What is missing?


Ms Moneeza Hashmi
President, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) and General Manager, International Relations, HUM TV, Pakistan



Mr Zhao Houlin
Deputy Secretary-General, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Mr Sameh Khader
General Director of International Relations & Training Palestine Public Broadcasting Commission (PBC)
Ms Liu Cong
Deputy Controller, CCTV News, China Central Television, China


Mr Etienne Fiatte
Director General, Canal France International (CFI), France