VOV President Visits AIBD

Submitted by admin on Fri, 12/09/2011 - 17:37

AIBD was honored to receive Mr Nguyen Dang Tien, President of Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and his delegation on December 9, 2011. AIBD was prioritized as one of the short-listed destinations, by the President of VOV in his first trip overseas.


AIBD Secretariat and VOV Delegation

Mr Yang Binyuan, Director of AIBD welcomed the President and his delegation.

Mr Nguyen Dang Tien was accompanied by the Vice President, Mr. Doan Viet Trung, Director-General, Mr. Ngo Xuan Thi and Mr Nguyen Tien Long, Director, International Cooperation of VOV. 


Mr Nguyen Dang Tien, VOV President (left) with Mr Yang Binyuan, AIBD Director

The discussions revolved on innovative and new areas of cooperation in capacity building engaging the resources of VOV together with AIBD. The bilateral partnerships for long-term human resource development in radio as well as trends towards convergence that VOV excels were a few others mentioned which could be extended to other members of AIBD. VOV was pleased to extend its facilities for AIBD’s regional training activities at the Broadcasting College in Ho Chi Minh City and the VOV headquarters in Hanoi which were familiar destinations for AIBD managers and consultants.


The very cordial and friendly discussions ended with the customary exchange gifts as a memento of strengthening good relations of VOV and AIBD.