A Successful Asia Media Summit in Hanoi

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/25/2011 - 19:24

The Asia Media Summit has concluded in Hanoi, contributing to a growing consensus that it was no longer business as usual for broadcasters in the battle for attention that has become more intense than ever in the digital world.

In his closing remarks, AIBD Director Yang Binyuan said the Summit has helped raise awareness and understanding among broadcasters of new and innovative ideas as well as opportunities offered by technological advances and multiple delivery platforms such as the web, mobile, and social media that will expand their audience reach, address strong competition and improve their products and services as well as business returns.

The broadcasters’ role in development was not lost in the Summit as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his message urged them to use the power of digital media to transform lives and societies for good. The Summit showcased some best practices on how new and social media have contributed towards addressing crisis and development needs in the region.

Close to 600 foreign and local participants from 50 countries and regions participated in the two-day conference that served as a platform for multisectoral and multidimensional dialogue on the challenges and opportunities the digital world offer broadcasters.

Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed Waheed, Minister of State for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Maldives and President of AIBD, said “ broadcasting has to be a dynamic platform that incorporates new digital technology, that accommodates changing consumers’ experiences, and that allows for creative strategies to perform financially and pursue their role in development more effectively. “


At the closing ceremony, AIBD Director Yang Binyuan said the Summit achieved significant success that has benefited not only AIBD, its member broadcast organizations, partners and other media stakeholders across the globe, but also Vietnam and its people.

The Summit provided broadcasters best practices from different parts of the world on how new content and new formats can be produced for multiple delivery platforms, and on pursuing strategies to manage change and enhance organizational and human resource performance in the digital world.

Another achievement was the opportunity to network with CEOs and other top officials of both private and broadcast organizations as well as development institutions across the globe that facilitated exchange of knowledge and expertise and prospective collaboration in content sharing and training.

The Summit featured seven presummit events that addressed other concrete needs of broadcasters such as pursuing more urgently the switchover from analogue to digital, strengthening capacity building initiatives with the use of new and social media, tapping quality management standards to improve performance, and pursuing better content acquisition, market share and revenues, among others. These events contributed to responding to broadcasters’ needs in the region.

For AIBD and its partners, the Summit served to foster a more meaningful relationship with broadcasters by identifying some of their urgent needs in capacity building, and pursuing specific responses to enhance competence and professionalism of their employees.

Mr. Thepcai Yong, Managing Director of Thai PBS, thanked AIBD for selecting Bangkok as the venue for the Asia Media Summit 2012. In inviting participants to the Thai City, he promised to make this event as meaningful and exciting as that in Hanoi.