Much to be Done in Digital Migration



Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/22/2011 - 18:12

Dr. Eun-Ju Kim, Regional Director of the ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, says there is much to be done to engage and assist Asia Pacific in implementing the switchover from analogue to digital, which is ongoing till 2020.


“ It is important for many countries in the region to prepare and act now to develop the digital roadmap and guidelines covering policy and regulation, economic and technical issues, “ she told participants during the opening ceremony this morning of the pre-summit seminar on ‘Strengthening the Digital Broadcasting Experience” at the Melia Hotel in Hanoi.

Some 70 participants from 20 countries across the globe are participating in the two-day workshop, organized by AIBD, ABU and ITU.

Dr. Kim stressed the need for all digital stakeholders - broadcasters, regulators, government officials, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and consumers - to work together to ensure a successful digital migration. This involves making them aware of the benefits digital technology generates, among them, more efficient use of the spectrum, better audio and video quality, provision for a variety of enhanced services and applications, enhanced competition and wide consumer choice and increased increased n transmission possibilities.


She said the ITU has launched several activities in Asia-Pacific in facilitating the switchover, including a survey of the current regional situation of digital broadcasting, adaptation of the guidelines to the region, development of a digital roadmap for selected beneficiaries, DTTB online training and joint workshops and seminars with AIBD and ABU.


AIBD Director Yang Binyuan called on participants to share experiences in the digital migration and engage in close collaboration to ensure a smooth transition. In thanking ITU for its support, Mr. Binyuan said AIBD is offering critical focus on activities to promote the digital migration in the region.


Mr. Luu Vu Hai, Director General of Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information of Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication, also spoke at the opening ceremony and said the government has put much attention in drafting policies to promote digital technology in the country. He said Vietnam is eyeing 2020 as its timetable for full implementation of the digital switchover.