SESSION 1: Creative and Innovative Ways to Create & Use Content


Day 1 - Tuesday 24th May 2011, 1030 - 1130


The changing media consumer behavior poses challenges to broadcasters to create and use content in new and increasingly innovative ways. Audiences want programmes that surprise and delight, and a mix of genres that will enhance their viewing experience. Local content is a key source for creative programmes. With multiple delivery platforms, viewers and listeners also expect interaction, conversation and engagement. What are some techniques and best practices to produce better content for large and targeted markets and for non-traditional platforms? What compelling content strategy is needed to create a global brand?

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Video of first part of Session 1, please look at Session 2 for the last minutes.

Chairperson Ms Moneeza Hashmi

President, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association and General Manager, International Relations, HUM TV, Pakistan

Moneeza Hashmi is General Manager International Relations for HUM TV, a private cable satellite network in Pakistan. Her media career spans over 4 decades. She retired as Director Programmes, Pakistan Television Corporation, the state broadcaster, the only woman to date to hold this post. In 2003, she received the prestigious President of Pakistan’s Pride of Performance Medal. She was recently elected President of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association. She also chairs HIMMAT SOCIETY, an NGO focused on promoting gender issues and rights through the media.

Speakers   Mr Chang Lei

Channel Cooperation Executive Director, China Network TV (CNTV), China

Chang Lei is Channel Cooperation Executive Director of China Network TV (CNTV), also known as China Central Television (CCTV). A graduate of China University of Political Science and Law and the London School of Economics and Political Science, he worked at the Cable Network Centre of the State Administration of Radio, Film & Television (SARFT) and China Media Group prior to joining CCTV in 2006.


    Mr David Botbol

Deputy Managing Editor for Sports and News Magazines, in charge of Digital Projects - France Televisions, France

David Botbol is Deputy Managing Editor for Sports and News Magazines at France Televisions, in charge of digital projects. He was former Head of the Multimedia Newsroom of the French public broadcaster from 2000 to 2009, after a long career as AFP journalist in France and abroad. He served as correspondent in London, war reporter in the Balkans, and the Manila Bureau Chief from 1993 to 1995, before launching and developing the AFP TV Service in Paris.



Mr Azhar Borhan

General Manager, Business Development, Primework Studios Sdn Bhd, MALAYSIA

General Manager for Business Development at Primeworks Studios, a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad in Malaysia. His role is to expand Primeworks’ reach into new markets through production and suppy of content primarily for television. His career began in 1984 as part of the startup team at TV3, producing mainly entertainment content and eventually overseeing content development for all 4 Media Prima channels before taking on his current role.



Ms Joanne Teoh 

Director, Sapphire Studios, Singapore

Joanne Teoh is an award-winning documentary director who works at the intersection of cinematic narratives and interactive story forms. An expert in multimedia storytelling techniques for news, nonfiction and documentary, she has authored papers, TV programs and curriculum on the subjects. With over 20 years of broadcast journalism experience, Joanne held senior management, creative and editorial roles at leading news organizations in Asia. Joanne is author of The Impact of the Internet on Teaching and Practicing Journalism (University of Michigan Press, 2001).


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