Secretariat Staff

Office of the Director

Mr Chang Jin Ms Noraini Mr Sashi
(Director) (Secretary to the Director) (IT Officer)
changjin[at] noraini[at] sashi[at]



Programme Department

Mrs Philomena Gnanapragasam Mr Rabi K C Ms Monica Phang
(Head of Programme Department) (Programme Manager) (Programme Manager)
philo[at] rabi[at] monica[at]



Programme Department

Mr Utpal Kanti Mandal Mr Nabeel Tirmazi    
(Programme Manager -  Broadcast Engineer) (Programme Manager)    
utpal[at] nabeel.tirmazi[at]    



Secretaries - (Programme Department)

Ms Vasuhi Ms Hamidah    
(Secretary) (Secretary)    
vasuhi[at] hamidah[at]    



Finance Department

Ms Joanne Ms Radhika Ms Siti Suhaila Jaafar  
(Finance Manager) (Accounts Assistant) (Accounts Assistant)  
joanne[at] radhika[at] suhaila[at]  



Administration Department

Ms Amar Gill Ms Kalaimathi Kandiah Mr Neelam  
Executive Officer (Admin) Admin Clerk (Admin) Driver  
amar[at] kalai[at]    


Ms Zaini Bt Ibrahim Ms Kamariah Bt Wanteh    
(General Worker) (General Worker)