Freedom of Media

Nor Hizan Binti Mahtob, Malaysia

The media does not stand alone. It interacts with communities, and acts as a bridge between government and the public. As in other professional sectors, media practices are subject to prevailing laws and codes of ethics.

In addition, the media subscribes to the ideals of journalism, such as how to gather news and how news should be conveyed in an ethical way.

A free media and freedom of expression are amongst the most cherished values of the world today. They are important elements in a democratic world. Media freedom is essential to creating a thinking and progressive society.

The media is expected to act as a conduit and as a mirror for a society where people can express their views and opinions without fear.

However, there are different views about the extent to which a free media can deliver information.

By right, media should convey information to the public freely according to the ethics of journalism. However, there is always the argument that that freedom should follow restrictions outlined by the government for the benefit of all parties.

One of the central roles of the media is its function as a watchdog that monitors and exposes the abuses of power and corruption.

Whether we like it or not, the media world is changing. We should embrace the transformation, and try to move in a direction that recognizes the important strides made by the ever-changing society.

Ms Nor Hizan Binti Mahtob works as a producer for IPPTAR, Malaysia