Training workshop on Entertainment Programmes (Talk Shows) for Radio



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AIBD/IRIB In-country workshop on Entertainment Programmes (Talk shows) for Radio at IRIB in Tehran

AIBD in collaboration with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting organized an In-country workshop on Entertainment Programmes  on Talk shows for radio  from 07 to 12 January 2011 in Tehran.Thirty radio announcers and producers learnt how to improve the quality of their radio talkback programs .

During the five day workshop, the broadcasters learnt about talkback formats across the world, with a view to exploring different ways of delivering their program content. Audience research, active and passive listening trends, and how to connect with listeners beyond just the telephone were all covered in the course. In addition broadcast techniques using new media, then emails, sms and social networking interaction with radio talk shows was also examined. Because talkback is different depending on whether there is a guest, an expert or the announcer is simply talking directly to the audience, a range of techniques were developed in the students, who completed a series of practical exercises during the course.

One participant commented, “I learnt new ways to get people to call into my program,” while another, who had too many callers to deal with, said, “we saw how to use some new methods to control the interaction and pace of callers so that we could get them to the point quickly while still being polite and fit more callers into each program.”

Internationally renowned radio trainer Steve Ahern was the consultant who developed and delivered the course for AIBD. Ahern Media & Training’s founder, Steve Ahern is an experienced announcer, reporter, producer and manager who specializes in broadcast training is also a recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, Australia’s national honor for prominent citizens who have achieved significant accomplishments in Australia and internationally.

The technically minded broadcasters in the course were also delighted to hear about new technology such as digital delay and VOIP multiline phone systems through Mr Ahern’s practical explanations and technical briefings as he also  shared tricks such as how a good first call can start an avalanche of great talkback, and insights into handling difficult callers. The structure and flow of talk programming and the most effective way to get responses from listeners were also examined.

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