A collection of Short Films on HIV & AIDS

Since 2005, UNESCO and Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) have been collaborating on a project to build a vast network of young TV producers working on HIV/AIDS in Asia.

Providing to media professionals accurate knowledge about HIV/AIDS and its impacts is a continuous work in terms of training and production in order to ensure a wide and constant broadcasting on HIV & AIDS matters.

In order to step forward, a group of 14 young TV producers from national TV organizations from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mongolia, China and Vietnam who have already been trained on HIV & AIDS statements, scientists inputs and knowledge, were chosen for a 2nd stage training dedicated to HIV TV programmes production. The workshop was dedicated to brainstorming sessions, critical screening sessions and TV production & direction techniques. In addition 2 HIV experts from UNAIDS and Red Cross Mongolia came in for providing fresh and accurate inputs on HIV & AIDS.

Following the workshop, 8 short films have been produced, which have been compiled as a films collection named “Positive Life”. The participating broadcasters have broadcast the films collection, especially on 1st December 2010 for the World HIV Day.