SEASON 1 & 2

The international co-production “I am…” is a series of short TV programmes for the children with a view to strengthen cultural diversity and create a better understanding among children about various cultures and school of thoughts.

During the first edition, which was completed in 2008, a series of 14 touching episodes has been produced. These short TV programmes show how children voice what they think about their religion, why they like the countries they live in, how they were affected by the tsunami, their view on the relationship within the family, their expectations or that they dislike the pollution on their beach.

This series is a true translation of cultural dialogue among children from around the world. The objective was to enhance the voice of children by saying « I am… » and consequently offering another glance of the world.

But to make it possible, it’s a long and not easy mission… Passion, commitment and dialogues among media professionals are crucial and this is why in 2009, AIBD, ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) and SABA (Southern African Broadcasting Association) decided to join hands in order to broaden the series and encourage as much as possible medias to promote the diversity of visions, values, beliefs and thoughts.

In collaboration with the Islamic Broadcasting Union (IBU), the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA), the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Children & Broadcasting Foundation for Africa (CBFA), the second season of “I am…” has been produced in 2009.

Before launching the production, 3 identical workshops have been organized in Tunis, Kuala Lumpur and Johannesburg for preparing the “I am…” production and for exploring, more generally, children’s TV programmes production.

43 producers from 27 countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, Benin, Malawi, Lesotho, Mozambique and South Africa) participated and a series of 17 episodes has been released in 2010.

[swf file="videos/I am Kumari.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2738/video-thumb-for-2738-1.jpg"]

I am Kumari-Kumari Noyomi

[swf file="videos/Im a circus performer.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2739/video-thumb-for-2739-3.jpg"]

I am a circus perfomer- Smar Fathy

[swf file="videos/I am a Laloki boy.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2740/video-thumb-for-2740-3.jpg"]

I am Laloki boy - Stephen Girisa

[swf file="videos/I am a child of the sea - Lakshani.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1224/video-thumb-for-1224-3.jpg"]

I am a child of the sea - Lakshani

[swf file="videos/I am coin boy - Deni Fajar.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1225/video-thumb-for-1225-4.jpg"]

I am coin boy - Deni Fajar

[swf file="videos/I am an Iranian girl - Sorme Banoo.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1226/video-thumb-for-1226-2.jpg"]

I am an Iranian girl - Sorme Banoo

[swf file="videos/I am a Maldivian.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2737/video-thumb-for-2737-3.jpg"]

I am Maldivian - Yuin Azim

[swf file="videos/I am Egyptian.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2736/video-thumb-for-2736-2.jpg"]

I am Egyptian - Nermin

[swf file="videos/I am a kid of Riverein Region.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2735/video-thumb-for-2735-1.jpg"]

I am a kid of Riverrein region - Pham Thien Phat

[swf file="videos/I am Zeinab-A child from Lebanon.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2734/video-thumb-for-2734-4.jpg"]

I am Zeinab, a child from Lebanon - Zeinab

[swf file="videos/I am the future.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2733/video-thumb-for-2733-2.jpg"]

I am the future - Shaikha Rashid

[swf file="videos/I am Algerian.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2732/video-thumb-for-2732-4.jpg"]

I am Algerian - Jehaja

[swf file="videos/I am Shafreen.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2730/video-thumb-for-2730-4.jpg"] 

I am Shafreen - Shafreen

[swf file="videos/I am a Fisherman.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/2731/video-thumb-for-2731-4.jpg"]

I am a fisherman - Thanawoot Icharote