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They are young. They belong to diverse ethnic minorities, living in multicultural spaces. Daily, they speak more than one language. Perhaps they don’t intend to change the world but nevertheless, given their choices and the way they've decided to live their lives, they are changing their surroundings thus shaping anew the mentalities of those around them. 

Their stories reflect diverse journeys taken by these young people. The result is the construction of a new form of citizenship in a multicultural world.  Such is life in the Asia-Pacific countries and in Canada.  





The Debater
By Aishath Rizmy
Assistant Presenter/Producer - Voice of Maldives

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16-year old Pragya Vats moved recently from her native India to the Maldives. Pragya has a passion for public speaking. As she says, debating has helped her to find a new home in her new surroundings. How?

Becoming Independent   7’37

By Remigio Sampang
News Reporter - Philippines Broadcasting Service

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Shian Tian is a young woman born in China. What happens in China when families have a daughter instead of a son? Recently, Shian decided to go to the Philippines to learn English. Why?

Seen Life Differently   10’21
Oussayma Canbarieh
Presenter/Producer - Radio Canada International

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Our first image of the world is through our eyes. When someone loses his or her vision, for most people, it means a loss of independence. Sumreen Siddiqi is a young Canadian woman of Pakistani origin. She was born with a rare eye cancer. Today she is helping other visually impaired people to gain their independence.

A New Idol was Born   9’07
Nabaraj Lamsal
Chief Programme Officer - Radio Nepal

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Santosh Lama is a young man from the community of Tamang. His passion is music. He has won a prestigious prize usually destined to a native from Kathmandhu. But as he says, he can live anywhere in the world as long as there is music with him.

 The Dream Catcher   9’33
By Endang Roestiyaningsh
Head of Broadcasting Cooperation Section
Direktorat Program & Produksi – Radio Republik Indonesia

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This is the story of 21-year old Mohammad Saleem. His father’s dream brought him from the United States to Indonesia. The story tells that the dream catcher holds the destiny of the future.

A Journey Towards Dignity   8’09
By Medha Kulkarni
Programme Executive, Commercial Broadcasting
Service - All India Radio

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 This is a story about a journey from the poorest slums to the accomplishment of a dream. Migrating from one culture to another, we follow Pinky, a little girl born in a tribal community in India. It was a long journey for this rickshaw-puller’s daughter who went from being a servant to a Bank in Mumbai.

Who is DJ Static?   8’27
By Rufo Valencia
Presenter/Producer - Radio Canada International

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Mike Li arrived in Canada from Hong Kong. As he grew up, he quickly fell in love with hip hop music. This shy, young teetotaler had to struggle in order to find his own place in a country like Canada, home to many cultures. How did he do it?

A Song of the Bees   8’56
By Philomena Gnanapragasam
Controller KLFM - Radio Television Malaysia

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 Le Ye Mon was born in Myanmar, a country, she says, that didn’t offer prospects. So she ventured to Malaysia looking for freedom and also to support her family. She found a way to do that, like a busy bee, never giving up.