AIBD, in collaboration with Lao National Radio, organised the 4-day workshop on new media, social media and radio production for staff from different media organisations in Laos capital Vientiane.

To shape the development media, broadcasters in Asia offered diverse approaches from pursuing investigative pieces, expanding collaboration among media groups, to respecting local sensitivity to reach targeted communities.

Speaking at the Asia Media Summit, Mr Li Bin, Deputy Director of China Global Television Network, English Channel, China, said media must be true, accurate, comprehensive and balanced in reporting development issues.

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As the world faces the ominous phenomenon of war, insecurity and terrorism, media assumes a huge task of promoting peace, friendship, morality and spirituality.

It has the responsibility to “combat any act which seeks to create phobia towards religions.”  It also has to “ceaselessly combat injustice as the root cause of terrorism” in different parts of the world,  Dr Abdolali Ali Askari, President of AIBD General Conference, and President, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, said in his welcoming remarks during the opening ceremony of the 14th Asia Media Summit from 6-7 June 2017 in Qingdao, China.

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The United Nations urges broadcasters in Asia Pacific to continue reporting on development issues, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while promoting pluralism and diversity of views.

In a message to the 14th Asia Media Summit participants, Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, stressed media’s critical role in engaging and inspiring people, connecting communities, as well as holding governments accountable.

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