Participants to the recent 15th AIBD General Conference have agreed to the proposed theme of the 15th Asia Media Summit titled “Media in a New Era for Global Development,” which will be held in Qingdao, China in May 2017.

The theme will focus on the role of media in setting the development agenda and in dealing with global changes affecting the economic, political, social and technological dimensions of global society, driven by accelerating technologies that impact how we live, learn and communicate in the world.

The 2016 G20 Summit will be held in Hangzhou, China on September 4th and 5th. CCTV+ is ready to provide comprehensive video feeds and pool signals of major events of the Summit to media organizations worldwide.   All the G20 news feeds will be released through GDS (

As China’s first global video news agency, CCTV+ (CCTV Plus), covering  international news stories, offers quality video footages, live broadcasting signals and archive to global media and production companies.   Currently, CCTV+ releases over 80 news footages, 24 hours daily, with scripts in English, French, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.  Through its online-based GDS ( and cooperation with Associated Press and Reuters, CCTV+ provides a variety of news materials including political, economic, social and breaking news from China and the world. To date, around 1,700 channels and hundreds of online and social media in the world are using footages from CCTV+.

Presentation of AIBD Awards Winners at General Conference 2016 Inauguration

The announcement and presentation of the winners of the AIBD TV & Radio Awards 2016 was conducted at the Inauguration Ceremony of the AIBD General Conference in Tehran, Iran on 25 August 2016. The winners were each presented with a certificate, trophy and USD 500 as reward for their special programmes.

Award winner Mr Jae Eung Jong, Director, Educational Broadcasting System, Korea


Some 50 full and affiliate members convened for the 42nd Annual Gathering/15th AIBD General Conference in Tehran, Iran on 26 August 2016.

The two-day meeting examined the annual performance of the Institute and future plans to respond to the fast changing media landscape in Asia Pacific. It was hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

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