“Try to focus on humanizing and humorizing a story. If you can make a person laugh, it can change everything”, said Twinkle Khanna, producer of Padman in the 15th Asia Media Summit held in New Delhi on the theme ‘Should All Good Stories be Commercially Successful’.  

AMS 2018- Day Two Clicks

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“Love Stories are an Indispensible Part of Korean Drama”: Baek Sang- Hoon

by Garvita Sethi


The Asia Media Summit of 2018 on its first day was shimmering with stupendous minds from across the globe with excellence in the field of art, cinema, technology and diplomacy. Amongst them was a well-known face from the film industry of South Korea, Mr. Baek Sang -Hoon. He was invited to speak on the thematic session of Mythology, Folklore and Contemporary Stories.

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Time to Ready Laws, Ethics and Rules for Digital India


As India is poised  to maximise the opportunities its vibrant media industry offers, including the presence of almost a billion internet users by 2021, Indian Minister Smt Smriti Zubin Irani of Information and Broadcasting and Minister of Textiles says this is the time “ to put laws, ethics, and  rules into place which can balance out the industry”, and prevent one dominant player to rule the media field.

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