AIBD Regional Webinar on Safety for Journalists on 4th June 2020



Submitted by monica on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 16:38


AIBD in collaboration with UNESCO is having another webinar on Safety for Journalists on 4th June, 2020 (Thursday) for the benefits of our members.  



To acquire knowledge and apply the key concepts of risk analysis to establish safety indicators with simple procedures for online and before reporting from hostile venues or hazardous environment of invisible health threats to human lives.

Given the current pandemic globally, it is timely and of utmost relevant to train media practitioners from broadcasting organisations and media entities, especially working in an invisible hazardous situations, on the necessary skills for preparedness, and equip with the necessary relevant knowledge how to assess and overcome hostile/hazardous environments while reporting for their organisations.


At the end of the webinar, the participants will be able to:

•        Learn journalistic safety and risks for on-field reporters

•        Develop necessary steps of preparedness for personal safety during hostile situations (i.e. man-made or natural disasters)

•        Learn how to assess the risk, responding to it and securing information

•        Acquire knowledge of how to cope with traumatic situations

•        Be aware of the impact of trauma on journalists and newsrooms

•        Understand the issues related to human rights, humanitarian laws and confrontation

•        Learn about sustained risks

•        Practice safety standards in various risk scenarios


  •      How to ensure journalists' safety during mass actions of social disaster or health hazardous enviornments;
  •      Fundamental of legal security of investigative journalism;
  •      Safety of journalists in the Internet to ensure cyber crime free.



  •      Multi-skilled journalists from traditional and new media (radio, television, print & bloggers etc);
  •      Journalists/Reporters (TV & Radio);
  •      Preferable ladies journalists and programmers;
  •      At least five years experience in news reporting for both Television and Radio and Programme Production is an essential condition;
  •      Ability to understand, speak and write English fluently.









AIBD Regional webinar on Safety for Journalists