Measuring KPIs - In-country workshop



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Accuracy in setting and implementing KPIs provide decision-makers and managers with powerful navigation instruments that give them a clear understanding of their organization’s performance and help to inform strategic decision-making. Identifying the right KPIs for your organisation has never been more important than today. This aim of this workshop is to explore how to identify KPIs that really matter to your organisation. The practical based agenda will cover all important aspects of KPIs, ranging from definition to implementation and data through visualization critical to continuous improvement and higher performance.

This course is relevant for the senior executives and middle managers who are involved in monitoring the internal performance and analytics.



The objectives of the workshop are:

• Understand the importance of KPIs in modern orgnisations

• Learn how to identify the strategic information needs in your organisation

• Learn best practice KPI design principles

• See some of the most innovative ways to measure performance

• Understand how to deliver real value from measuring performance

• Learn how to set targets and benchmarks for your KPIs

• Understand how some of the world’s best organisation are measuring their performance