AIBD/MDEC Regional Workshop on Data Journalism Infographics for Newsroom, 18 – 20 September 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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For decades, specialists have been using data journalism techniques to uncover amazing stories, but over the past decade, data journalism has become inextricably linked with data visualisation. That is giving rise to what international broadcasters such as the BBC have begun to call visual journalism. Using multi-skilled, multi-disciplinary teams, that media organisations are bridging the worlds of interactive data visualisation, social media video and traditional broadcasting. Visual journalism is all about elevating good stories into amazingly engaging, must see, must share content.

This 3-day workshop will introduce journalists and editors to data analysis and visualization techniques that can be used in daily journalism as well as in longer-term projects and investigations.



At the end of this workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Do basic data analysis with spreadsheets
  • Find data relevant for your daily stories and investigations
  • Create simple charts and graphs for TV news
  • Create map-based visualizations.
  • Create time-lines for news infographics
  • Build data journalism teams
  • Plan for data projects



Element 1: Inspiring examples

Explore best practices and think beyond traditional infographics,

Element 2: Team building, organisation and project delivery

One key industry examples was the BBC’s Visual Journalism team, a ground-breaking unit established in 2012 to bring together digital journalists, interactive designers, motion graphic artists as well as broadcast editors and journalists. While the team is large, the same results could be had with a smaller multidisciplinary team.

Element 3: Data analysis skills - how to find your story

Explore the different analytical tools available. Give participants both an opportunity to do their own analysis, to look for patterns and to begin to gain confidence in more complex analytical methods.

Element 4: Storytelling

Once the participants understood the stories that their data was telling them, they could start to think about how to tell their stories. Using tools to utilize images, video and text in storytelling, simple tool that allowed them to bring together charts and graphs, maps, infographics, text and video.

Expected outcome:

  • Expose the participants to cutting edge data journalism and visualisation techniques to expand their thinking about info graphics and data visualisations.
  • Ability to examine and discuss how projects are organised and how news organisations work together in new ways to execute projects and deliver new visual formats.
  • Deliver creative storytelling formats, by using basic data analysis skills to understand the story in the data
  • Use a range of tools from simple charts to more involved visualisation services that allowed them to tell stories using maps and simple animations.


Profile of Participant

  • General assignment or specialist journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.
  • Investigative journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.
  • Designers and web developers who want to work on data projects.
  • Editors and newsroom managers who want to know how to plan data projects and build and manage news.
  • Maximum age limit is 45 years old
  • Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently.



Kevin Anderson is an award-winning, entrepreneurial newsroom leader, who worked for the BBC, the Guardian and Gannett. He is the founder and Principle of Ship Wheel Media.