AIBD In-country Workshop on Marketing and Commercialisation 1 – 3 April 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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This three-day workshop introduces participants to the principles and techniques of creative, persuasive marketing, the production of content that is commercially desirable and ratings successful, both new productions/programmes and marketing/sales materials and the boosting of sales and reputation and gaining of sponsorship, through creative, persuasive storytelling in all media and on all platforms.



The workshop aims to equip participants, in theory and in practice, with knowledge and skills for:

  • Making programmes that are more commercially desirable and ratings successful

  • How to sell radio and TV programmes to different companies.

  • How to package and produce creative and persuasive marketing and sales pitches

  • Successfully persuading sponsors

  • Identifying the appropriate formats and stories to include as marketing content about your programmes ensuring suitable approaches to companies



  • Creativity theory ; generating new ideas, moving beyond information-giving to hundreds of ways of communicating and interacting with your audiences and/or potential customers/sponsors.

  • Story theory ; how all powerful human communication is based on stories.

  • Persuasion theory ; marketing and sales professionals need to be experts at persuading people.

  • Combining stories and persuasion : practice how to craft micro stories with very specific persuasion aims

  • Creative use of Formats : explore the ten different formats in media.

  • Analyze styles and genres, strengths and weaknesses of content and identify which ones are most useful for telling persuasive stories.


Profile of Participant

  • all media content creatives in marketing, advertising, sales, campaigns, programme-making etc., in all media (print, web, video, audio, graphics) and all for platforms, with emphasis on practical application of theories for marketing and commercialisation.

  • Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently.