AIBD Radio & TV Awards 2019



Aibd awards 2019

AIBD is pleased to announce the opening of call of entry for the AIBD Awards 2019. We are pleased to present this opportunity to all AIBD members and affiliates. Supported by AIBD, this competition will provide the opportunity for television and radio producers to receive international recognition for their work.

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The Awards are open in the following two categories:

AIBD TV Award for the Best TV programme on:

Category 1: Best TV programme on: The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher

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Roughly 263 million children globally are out of school. While education is the basic human right, having a qualified teacher deserves equal importance. According to recent UNESCO statistics, the world needs to recruit almost 69 million new teachers to reach the 2030 education goals universal primary and secondary education.


This year AIBD TV awards is focusing on this theme to look at some successful case studies in bridging the qualified teachers’ gap for not only general society but also for vulnerable populations such as children with disabilities, refugees, street children and poor children living in rural or the remote areas.


Category 2: Best TV programme on: The Sound of Silence

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With 7.7 billion people on earth, there are roughly 6,500 languages. Considering the estimated population of 360 million deaf and dumb people, sign language should be the sixth most widely used language globally. Unfortunately, it is not. Due to inequalities in developing societies, social gaps, lack of standards in special education and cultural generalizations, many deaf and dumb people cannot play their part of being a socially responsible citizen with their potential. 


AIBD TV Awards will be focusing on the stories from the world with no sounds. The award will be looking at the positive context of Sign language and how it can cope with challenges in cultural diversity, economic pressures as well as social inclusion.


AIBD Radio Award and Reinhard Keune’s Memorial Radio Award Best Radio Programme on:


Category 1: AIBD Radio Awards 2019: Rural Women: Tapping the power within:

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With the advent of technology and social media, communication has become a lot easier than before. Various humanitarian campaigns are initiated with the click of a mouse. However, the challenges of women living in rural and remote areas are still under-discussed around the world, especially where they don’t have the basic resources to survive. Domestic abuse, slavery, trafficking, child marriages become far worse when combined with poverty and unheard.


AIBD Radio Awards are seeking voices of Women activists from rural and remote areas, where they play a significant role not only to improve their own lives but other fellow unprivileged women around them, on their own without any external help.


Category 2: Reinhard Kuene’s Memorial Award 2019: Vanishing Sounds:

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Social scientists claim that music might have existed even before mankind had discovered its own voice. Every culture has its own form of music, as distinct and unique to its area as language and cuisine. The timeline of the evolution of musical instruments can be considered parallel to the evolution of mankind itself. With the coming age of the 21st century, many musical instruments have been replaced and obsolete due to the digitization of the music industry, thus losing the soul and essence of purity which music offers. However, there are still great musical instrumentalists trying to preserve and revive the old school of music, hoping to see better days. 


Reinhard Kuene’s Memorial Award 2019 is looking forward to receiving impactful stories that how traditional musicians are surviving and reviving the musical instruments in this age of digitized musical era.


We are pleased to present this opportunity to all AIBD members and affiliates. Supported by AIBD, these Awards will provide the opportunity for your television and radio producers to receive international recognition for their work.


“The Prize” consists of US$500.00 cash, a trophy and a certificate presented by AIBD per Award topic.


Winners and runners-up will be announced during the 45th Annual Gathering / 18th AIBD General Conference & Associated Meetings, to be hosted by Bhutan August 2019.


Please note that producers can submit one programme per topic (limit of four submissions for the four topics) and the deadline for programme submission is 12 July 2019.


Please find the relevant information on criteria, regulations and application forms for the AIBD Television & Radio Awards 2019 on our website and


If you have any queries regarding these Awards, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Nabeel Tirmazi (AIBD Programme Manager) at [email protected] .