AIBD/CGTN Regional Workshop on Convergent Journalism 10-19 October 2018,Beijing,China

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Introduction and Rationale:
Media convergence is increasingly shaping how newsrooms handle and deliver news, while attracting most bigger portion of the audiences. Its aims are to generate a better flow of information, effective use of resources, more communication and more sharing of content across media platforms. This phenomenon demands much from a journalist. S/he must become a convergent journalist, able to deliver news in any and all media, to recognize the best medium for a particular story, be it the web, broadcast, radio, or a newspaper or magazine, or all of the above, and use a mix of technology to enhance content.

The workshop aims at providing the participants a competitive advantage in the emerging world of convergent journalism.


•    To provide an overview of media convergence, its strengths and weaknesses, and its impact on the newsrooms and the journalists.
•    To learn how to use audio and video materials generated from various technologies/platforms that will be appropriate for the web, print, PDA screen and broadcast.
•    To learn about the journalistic practice in convergence and transformation.
•    Understanding audiences’ needs to transform product in convergence background.


•    Introductions and overview
•    Deep integration of content ecology: problems and methods
•    Value of data: visual communication
•    Transformation of media in a convergence background.
•    Content and innovation under internet thinking
•    From ‘Internet’ to ‘mobile internet’
•    Case study: Chinese Media Theories and history.

Profile of Participant

•    TV News editors, journalist and producers.  
•    Working knowledge of computers and its many capabilities
•    Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently preferred
•    Maximum age limit is 50 years old