Content Innovations for Richer Viewing Experience



Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/25/2011 - 14:07

Innovations in web documentaries and multimedia storytelling techniques are offering a more exciting and richer viewing experience to the public. They establish a new interactive relationship with the audience and may set precedence in content production made available in multiple delivery platforms.

Mr. David Botbol, Deputy Managing Editor for Sports and News Magazines, France Televisions, France, and Ms Joanne Teoh, Director of Sapphire Studios, Singapore, presented examples of content production innovations at the plenary session on “ Creative and Innovative Ways to Create and Use Content’ of the Asia Media Summit in Hanoi on 24 May 2011.


In his presentation, Mr. Botbol said disseminating content on all available platforms, offering it in new forms and building a new interactive relationship with the audience can contribute towards generating additional exposure and traffic. He said it was important to “ understand how to link TV and the website, new usages for content, how you create them, package and repackage them, and create links, interaction and cross promotion between a TV channel and associated digital platforms.”

He cited some innovative web documentaries such as “Portraits d’un Nouveau Monde” which used ‘transmedia writing to mix video, photos and text. Another example was ‘Gaza Sderot,’ which attracted so much attention that they ended up broadcasting the show on TV. “ These innovations have become laboratories for what might happen next on a TV set, “ he said

For her part, Ms. Teoh said that with the arrival of the all-video culture, we are seeing how content is being delivered in various multiple delivery platforms.

“Whether a company Web casts content, provides users upload or interactive options, building, developing and maintaining video capabilities and process skills have become a priority,” she said.

She cited their efforts to tap grassroots storytellers and partner them with communities to produce social documentaries that advocate positive outcomes on issues. One example was “ Bat People of Manila,” which began as a video documentary, radio report, photo gallery and print story, subsequently evolving to mobile campaigns, TV series, advertising, books and an interactive website.