AIBD General Conference 2011

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The 37th Annual Gathering and 10th AIBD General Conference & Associated Meetings will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from July 25-28, 2011. It will be hosted by the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television (MNB). AIBD Director Yang Binyuan recently paid a visit to Mongolia to finalize the preparations of the GC.

Visit MNB and Meet with Naranbaatar, General Director, MNB

AIBD Director Yang Binyuan visited MNB headquarters in Ulaanbaatar and met with Mr. Naranbaatar Myanganbuu, General Director of MNB.

Yang Binyuan with Mr. Naranbaatar Myanganbuu, General Director of MNB

During the meeting, Naranbaatar pledged that MNB would do its best to make the AIBD GC 2011 a great success. He informed that Mongolia has established a Radio and Television Academy with him being the president. The Academy includes most radio and television organizations as well as universities in Mongolia with the hope of bringing international standards to Mongolian broadcasting. He hopes that AIBD could provide consultancy and help to the Academy.

MNB Lobby MNB TV Studio

Naranbaatar also spoke highly of the Asia Media Summit that has become a great social networking platform. The recent 3-year partnership project reached between MNB and DW-Academie was actually the outcome of the AMS.

GC Hotel confirmed

Sunjin Grand Hotel, Ulaanbaatar

To finalise the hotel of the AIBD GC 2011 is on top of the agenda during AIBD Director Yang Binyuan’s stay in Ulaanbaatar. To make the preparations more efficient, MNB has hired a local tourist company to take care of hotel arrangements and logistics of the GC.

After visiting a number of hotels, the Sunjin Grand Hotel was chosen as the venue for the AIBD GC 2011. Sunjin Grand Hotel ( opened in May 2007 and was the venue for the Roundtable Seminar that AIBD organised together with MNB in 2009.


Breakfst and Lunch Restaurant

Coffee Break

Conference Hall

AIBD Secretariat

Hotel Room

GC Excursion Program Finalised

The excursion program was also finalized during the visit. It is the Chinggislin Khuree Tourist Camp, which is about half hour drive from the city center and is a showcase of Mongolian traditional livelihood and culture during the time of 13th century. The excursion to the Camp ( will be half day.

Excursion Camp