Thai PBS to Host AMS 2012

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AIBD Director Yang Binyuan recently paid a visit to the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) to contribute for successful preparations of the Asia Media Summit 2012, which will be hosted by Thai PBS in Bangkok May 28-30, 2012. The visit was fruitful as it laid a solid foundation for the preparations of AMS 2012 in Thailand and provided an opportunity for AIBD and Thai PBS to strengthen bilateral cooperation. Director Yang Binyuan also made courtesy calls to ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and UNESCO Bangkok office during the trip.

Hanoi Ready for AMS 2011

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Preparations for the Asia Media Summit 2011, which will be hosted by the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) in Hanoi from May 23-25, 2011, are going smoothly and Hanoi is ready to welcome delegates from around the world to attend this important intellectual gathering and the biggest media event in Asia-Pacific.

AIBD Director Yang Binyuan paid an official visit recently to Hanoi to contribute for successful preparations of the Asia Media Summit 2011. The visit was very fruitful as it finalized most details of the AMS 2011 and provided an opportunity for AIBD and VOV to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the future.

Juliette and Das complete their tenure of office

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On 25th March 2011, the members of the AIBD family took the opportunity to wish two colleagues who completed their tenure of office as Programme Managers.

Mr Yang Binyuan, Director of AIBD, thanked the two colleagues Mr P Das, and Ms Juliette Vivier for their excellent contributions to AIBD over the last few years and said, “ We, at AIBD never says goodbye to colleagues who have rendered their services. Once one serves AIBD they will always belong to this small family of AIBD, no matter where they are ”.

He presented each of them with a souvenir and a memoir with the staff members penning their individual wishes and expressing their sentiments.

World TV Awards 2011 - Call for Entry Deadline extended

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The World Television Awards are open to all broadcasters in Asia, Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North & South America from public, private sector and freelance producers.

For 2011, the two World TV Awards categories are:

  • Category Humanity for the "Best documentary contributing to conflict resolution"
  • Category Science/Environment for the "Best programme Protecting Ozone Layer and Combating Climate Change"

The deadline for submission of Abstract is now extended to 25 April 2011.

Presentation of AIBD Awards Winners at General Conference 2016 Inauguration

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The Presentation of the Winners of the AIBD TV & Radio Awards 2012 was conducted at the Inauguration of the AIBD General Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal on 25 July 2012. The winners were each presented with a certificate, trophy and USD 500 as reward for their special programmes. The trailers for each programme were also presentated to the AIBD members and affiliates in attendance.


AIBD People

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Mr Cai Fuchao has been appointed as new minister of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) in China.

One of Beijing's deputy mayors and head of the city's Publicity Department, Cai Fuchao, 60, replaces Wang Taihua, who had held the job for the past six years and oversaw rapid growth of the Chinese film and TV business.

Cai Fuchao has worked in a number of media positions, including deputy chief editor of the Beijing Daily newspaper. He was instrumental in the switch from analogue to digital TV, which began in Beijing and now on pilot in a dozen of Chinese cities.

AMS Registration Open

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[img_assist|nid=600|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=88]Asia Media Summit 2011
"Digital Media Everywhere: Repositioning Broadcasting"
24 - 25 May 2011, Hanoi, Vietnam

The registration for the AMS 2011 is now closed. 

AIBD General Conference 2011

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The 37th Annual Gathering and 10th AIBD General Conference & Associated Meetings will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from July 25-28, 2011. It will be hosted by the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television (MNB). AIBD Director Yang Binyuan recently paid a visit to Mongolia to finalize the preparations of the GC.

Visit MNB and Meet with Naranbaatar, General Director, MNB

AIBD Director Yang Binyuan visited MNB headquarters in Ulaanbaatar and met with Mr. Naranbaatar Myanganbuu, General Director of MNB.

Latest AIBD Newsletter

Vice Premier of China at AMS

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The Qingdao Declaration

Director AIBD, Mr Chang, delivering the Qingdao Declaration on Media and the Worlds Sustainable Development at the Asia Media Summit Closing Ceremony. More

UN reporting on Media at AMS

Ms Hua Jiang, Director of News and Media Division, Department of Public Information, United Nations, reading message of Ms Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations. More

UNESCO Message at AMS

Dr Marielza Oliveira, Director and UNESCO Representative to China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Republic of Korea reading the message of Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. More

IRIB promoted peace

Dr Abdolali Ali Askari, President of AIBD General Conference, and President, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) spoke out against war and terrorism and urged the media to promote peace, friendship, morality and spirituality. More

Shaping the SDGs Agenda

To shape the development media, broadcasters in Asia offered diverse approaches from pursuing investigative pieces, expanding collaboration among media groups, to respecting local sensitivity to reach targeted communities. More

AIBD/EBU/CCTV Masterclass

A new approach to deal with sensationalism and negativism in news that are increasingly turning off audiences and pushing them to trust media less and care less about the world is the application of constructive journalism. More

AIBD/Radiodays/RCS workshop

A winning strategy for radio stations must consider the listener, brand. Content and promotion. They must learn to understand and love their listeners who, after all, decide the shape of their brand. More

AIBD workshop on AR-VR

The use of virtual studio and virtual studio implantation technology is bringing a new visual experience for the TV audience, and providing new thinking and creative new tools for television producers. More

AIBD/ITU/ABU workshop

The ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific says costs, enormity of task, lack of government support and cooperation among stakeholders, and ever evolving technologies remain as some of the challenges in the migration from analogue to digital in the region. More

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