General Conference

The AIBD General Conference (GC) and its Associated Meetings is the annual official gathering of the Institute. The General Conference is open to member countries, affiliates, partners, observers and leading broadcasters by invitation only. Member Countries, Affiliates and partners would have the opportunity to review the number of activities and projects that AIBD has implemented for the past year and also look into the future projects. Also discussed is the developmental needs of the member countries.

In addition to this, the AIBD Strategic Plan Team (SPT) Meeting and the Executive Board (EXBO) Meeting will also take place and look into the future major AIBD activities such as the Asia Media Summit (AMS).

The meetings of the Strategic Plan Team and the Executive Board are limited to members of the SPT and EXBO only.

SPT - looks into the future major AIBD activities

EXBO - evaluate and recommend on matters related to financial affairs, human resources, institutional development concerned that are put forward to Executive Board by the General Conference

GC is the best platform for AIBD to get the views from members on what are their expectations on the outcome of the AMS. Media practitioners from the local stations of the host country are also invited to join the various professional discussions as their participation will contribute to a diversity of views and more-indepth discussion of the various topics. Participants will benefit from the presence of leading broadcasters from Asia-Pacific and it is an opportunity to network and know more about developments in the media industry.

President of the General Conference
(Representing the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran)

Dr Abbas Naseri TAHERI
Advisor to IRIB President and Director General of International Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)

Vice President of the General Conference
(Representing the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka)

Prof. M. Sunil Shantha
Director-General, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC)

Secretary to the General Conference

Mr Chang Jin
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD)

  Executive Board

The functions and responsibilities of the Executive Board (EXBO) are to assist the General Conference and the Institute matters like financial affairs, human resources, Institutional development concerned with organizational, administrative and management aspects and finally programme development. [more]

The following nine (9) countries are currently members of the Executive Board :-

1. Bangladesh  -2016-18
2. Cambodia     -2016-18 
3. China             -2015-17
4. Indonesia      -2015-17
5. Korea             -2015-17
6. Malaysia        -2015-17
7. Pakistan        -2016-18
8. Thailand        -2015-17

9. Vietnam         -2016-18

Iran, being the President of the General Conference and the Director (AIBD) are ex-officio members.

Chairman of the AIBD Executive Board
(Representing the Government of Malaysia)

Mr (Hj) Abdul Wahid Abdul Hamid 
Deputy Director-General, Broadcasting Operations (RTM), Malaysia

Vice Chairman (EXBO)                                         Mr Has Sam Ath, Advisor to Minister of Information & Deputy Director-General for Administration and Finance, MOI Cambodia