AMS 2018- Speech of Minister

"...….We also a home to very rich culture, heritage and history. And now I think the developing right from 1960s onwards Asia is being shaping up ..." More

AMS Closing remarks by Director

”..I believe all delegates coming from the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world have been deeply impressed with the warm hospitality of our hosts..” More

Time to ready for Digital India

”“ …put laws, ethics, and rules into place which can balance out the industry”, and prevent one dominant player to rule the media field.” More

AMS 2018-Telling Our Stories

Ministers of Information and Broadcasting from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India and Korea join over 40 local and international speakers who are attending the Asia Media Summit 2018, one of the world’s premiere conferences on media and communication, set in New Delhi, India from 10-12 May. More

Dealing with Challenges

”… stronger regional cooperation among governments and civil society groups, including media to combat poverty, gender inequality, terrorism, uneven globalisation and the ill-effects of climate change, and thereby bring development and peace in the Asian region….". More

UN Cites Media’s Role

The United Nations calls on media to tell stories about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make a real difference in improving the lives of people and building a more sustainable planet. More

Pre-summit workshops

AIBD opened to working professionals in the media industry from Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East some pre-summit workshops on trends, innovations and approaches on story-telling and on emerging technologies to include augmented reality and mobile journalism More

Right Facts are not Enough

Journalism is basically storytelling, telling the right facts, but this is not enough to attract audiences in the fast-changing world. More

Commercially Successful Stories

“Try to focus on humanizing and humorizing a story. If you can make a person laugh, it can change everything” More

AMS 2018- List of Speakers

Prominent broadcasters and top media gurus are gathering in upcoming Asia Media Summit 2018 More